Total Quartz Ineo ECS 5W-30 1L

Total Quartz Ineo ECS 5W-30 1L

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Total Quartz Ineo ECS 5W-30 is a low SAPS advanced synthetic technology oil specially designed for PEUGEOT, CITROËN and DS engines.

It increases Fuel Savings and optimizes the way in which anti-pollution systems - such as Particulate Filters - operate.

It is a special second-generation Fuel Savings lubricant: it can be used with all Diesel engines - older ones, as well as more recent ones. It is suitable for use with most GASOLINE engines.

Total Quartz Ineo ECS 5W-30 is vital for ensuring the effective operation of particulate filters and is also suitable for use with other post-treatment systems. It provides protection against LSPI (Low Speed Pre-ignition), a phenomenon similar to knock and which can damage the engine.

Total Quartz Ineo ECS 5W-30 is appropriate for use with the most severe maintenance cycles and the most difficult driving conditions (motorway, dense urban traffic, etc.)

100% Synthetic

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